Pokemon Light Platinum Download ROM Hack

Pokemon Light Platinum ROM Hack

pokemon-light-platinum-romDescription: Light Platinum is a HACK GBA goes into a new continent, the maps have been remade, HMs have been added, and there are Pokémon of the fourth and fifth generation, new events and ability to capture legendary throughout the game as Mew Deoxys, Darkai, etc. And its creator is a Brazilian. By far one of the best hacks pokémon ever made

Author: WesleyFG
Release: 2008
Version: Beta 3 / Beta1.1 (explanations below).
Status: According to the author is completed (Version 1.1).
Language: Portuguese / English.
Game Base: Pokémon Ruby.

-A Beta 3 and Beta version 1.1 are different games, both have fourth-generation Pokémon, but are other maps, gyn leaders, etc. This happened because the creator of Hack worked in beta 3, but for a problem he stopped this version and He had to get a new one. That is the newest version is Beta1.1 and not the Beta 3. -The Beta 3 version has several gyms but is not complete and is in English.

-The Beta version 1.1 is complete and is in Portuguese.

BUG:THE SECOND REGION IN A CAVE, THE BATTLE LATCH TO FIGHT WITH THE LASS coach JAQUELINE To resolve these and other bugs, do cheat through walls and not fight this trainer : GOING THROUGH WALLS: CE2CCCB25D8D815D

Pokemon Light Platinum Download

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Pokemon Light Platinum Walkthrough

Aspects to consider throughout the game:

• The Spanish version of the game has many bugs / errors that sometimes does not allow you to continue the game. Then I will make a section of them and how to fix them.
• The level of AI in the game is very high especially gimnasion and multiple opponents. The routes are quite simple. Keep all your well leveleado team.
• This is a basic guide on how to get through the game. Do not expect me to say that objects are in each route. We will focus only on the important aspects of the game and the pokemon we can get.
Well after the introduction there we go! ENJOY.
First we wake up in our house after having a “dream” in which Giratina, Dialga and Palkia were attacking Arceus.
We dirijimos up the stairs to our room and our mother tell us that Prof. Jazmin needs our help and we put the clock. After that we went out of our house. To go out and take the first step, Kaori comes for us and takes us on his Salamance to meet with Prof. Jazmin. We met with her and Ash. If Ash (Exciting).
After Prof. Jazmin help translate the texts, Ash and Kaori go, we immediately attacked by a member of the steam equipment.
Choose our Starter Pokemon. Charmander. Squirtle. Bulbasaur.
I can choose any type as the first battles are easy and win many experience so easy although I recommend the fire type. Then we handed starters up to 3rd generation very quickly. Then there will be more.
And here really conmienza the game!
Yellow town 
• In the other input of the laboratory there is a Elekid. (He bugea at lvl 39)
Try to take your starter to lvl 7 and then empiezen.
Route 401.
• Cazabichos Jose: Caterpie lvl 4 lvl 4 x2 x2 Venipede
In this fight we will maso least lvl 10 which already makes us very easy start.
• we continue up we will have 2 more fights and get to Central City.

Here are many things to do. Please contact first if they want a growlithe up and talk to this person.

Then we have the safari area is not worth it, no good pokemon and are all in a very low lvl but if they want to enter.
Continue to the right, we have two battles with Pokemons very easy to lvl 4-6. To finish them our pokemon and should be evolving.
We continue to see silver and Prof Oak with Gold watching some Feebas.
One of them attacks Prof Oak, we beat them very easy. Prof Oak will Yellow Town so we followed.
After talking with Prof. Prof Oak Jazmin and return to Central City.
Once here we go to the radio station. We spoke with Prof. Oak and Gold.
Pokedex here and give us another pokemon. The 1st Chikorita if we say no, give us Cyndaquil and if we say no to Totodile and Chikorita then again can choose any of the 3. I recommend Totodile.


Route 402.
We leave to the left of Central city and we go on the road 402
We find a coach on the bridge is nothing more and nothing less than Diamond.
We saved a Pichu and we can catch.
Then Diamond challenges us to combat
Diamond: Pidgey Lvl 11 – Elekid lvl 12 – Charmander lvl 12
We are moving ahead and we ran into RED . This will give us the Head Blow mt.
We continue up with more fighting easy bug type. At this point already have if or if a fire type pokemon so no need to detail anything.
We met with the leader Jessica gym Inhore City
They tell us that the gym is closed by a problem with the Combee. Opens the way and leaves.
Once here we move up the bridge and we ran into Gold.
Gold Pokemons: Budew lvl 16 – Totodile lvl 17 – Magby lvl 17.
We continue to progress and we ran into the herd of Combee’s
We continue the way and reach Inhore City. We will run with Jessica would ask us for help.
We return to where the demand for Combee’s and we will find the Team Steam .
The first matches are easy: Zubat, Taillow, Pidove, etc Shinx to lvl 16
Topamso we move and Sheila


Sheila: Drifloon lvl 18 – Poochyena lvl 18 – Duskull lvl 18 – Drifblim lvl 19

We won the battle and return to Inhore City
First thing we do here will go to college (not to study)
We will give Rep. Exp. A pokemon Starter of the 3rd Gen. recommend to Treecko (lvl 10).


Now if the 1st Gym!

At the entrance we enfretaremos with Red.
• Pikachu lvl 18 – Turtwig lv l8 – Rioulu lvl 20.
We deliver to beat the MO Court.
Jessica bug type Gym Leader : Skorupi lvl 18 – Vespiquen lvl 22 – Ariados lvl 20
After beating jessica continue up, a guy will give us the sport, we will have a fight and continue along the route. We find two brothers Lunick and utility. Lunick challenges us. Lunick Pokemon:Chimchar lvl 17 – Croagunk lvl 17 – Luxio lvl 18. We follow the route with some fighting and use the MO that gave us Red.

We follow the path and get to Hyor farm. In this small farm there are 3 things you do. In the first house on the left this man give away us a Miltank


After leaving and heading up we will find Gold . To fight.

Pokemon Gold: Budew lvl 18 – Totodile lvl 20 – Shroomish lvl 18 – Pichu lvl 20 – Magby lvl 21 After defeating two cutting ourselves we will find snorlax step. The girl next to the bridge stop to talk to us and then anger.

We return to Inhore City to buy honey. I recommend 2 if you want to catch snorlax in case they kill one.

We return to the bridge and defeated the snorlax on our way to town Pantem Pantem Town If we go to the pokemon center before entering Solana we will challenge to a fight.



Solana Pokemon: Turtwig lvl 17 – Nidoran lvl 17 – Buneary lvl 18 will depart to the right, we will have a fighting bug and plant types. And we will find Diamond.


Pokemon Diamond: Gastly lvl 20 – Eevee lvl 20 – Elekid lvl 22 – Tranquill lvl 21 After defeating continue through the swamp and reach Emerald City Emerald City Upon arrival showed us theequipment Vapor take the entire city. So yeah, we’ll have to defeat them . At the entrance waiting for us Ash and Red that will give us a uniform Steam Team.


We beat all members of the first and we move forward.
In the second we have two doors on the right we find a Zorua .

On the left WILL Sheila Marina and Terra , next to the gym leader and Prof. Rowan.

Sheila Pokemons: Haunter lvl 22 – Drifblim lvl 26 – Purugly lvl 25 After defeating Sheila marched with Orbs. Esmeralda retreats to gym and Prof. Rowan also leaves. Going to the gym this guy handed us a egg Eevee and as you can see on the door are Ash and Red to thank us for defeating the Steam Team.


• Emerald Leader gym floor type: Ivysaur lvl 25 – Torterra lvl 27 – Jumpluff lvl 26 – Servine lvl 26.After beating Esmeralda will leave the route above. We took the boat, follow the route and arrive Barboach Town. Barboach Town. If left to the right network will challenge us.


Red Pokemon: Pikachu lvl 25 – Grotle lvl 27 – Gyarados lvl 27 – lvl 28 Lucario This girl will give us another Rep.Experiencia and above the house we see here will give us a Larvitar lvl 10


We left right where we enfretamos Red, cross the road and the beach Seanport with a few battles through and reach Seanport City Seanport City Upon arrival to this city the first thing to do is go to the pokemon center. then we’ll see Lucas and Steven who will be asked for our help.



We take the equipment Vapor. After defeating the first soldier we will see that awaken Groudon and Kyogre. After defeating all soldiers arrive to Sheila, the level of their Pokemons should no longer affect us anyway I leave detailed. Sheila Pokemons:Haunter lvl 28 Purugly lvl 28 Drifblim lvl 28 After defeat will fight against Marina and Terra. Marina and Terra pokemons:  Blastoise Eelektross lvl 32 lvl 32 lvl 33 Rhydon After defeat Groudon and Kyogre see that begin to fight. Arceus intercedes and erases his memories. We will wake up 3 days later in Seanport City. Now we must go to the lighthouse and defeat all subordinates of Lucas. They are all pokemon type water except a Machoke. All between lvl 25 and 27. After talking with him, we will challenge the gym • Water type gym leader Lucas. Octillery Tentacruel lvl 32 lvl 33 lvl 35 lvl Gyarados Kingdra 34 In this house at the entrance of the city give us Lapras a lvl 10






After defeating Lucas we went to the right, we see that some Duskull and rocks cut our way. We go up and will be Thomas , talked with him and leave.


We go back down and this man gives us Golpe Roca.

We continue along the path and enfretaremos usGold.

Gold Pokemons: Roselia 30 Croconaw 31 Magmar 31 Breelom 31. Pasamos por el national park, no hay mucho para hacer y llegaremos a Dardusk City.Dardusk City En el centro pokemon este chico nos regala un dratini 😀



Darduskt city gym
Bottom left-bottom left-bottom left-top right

• Gym Leader Thomas Fantasma type: Drifblim lvl 35 – Mismagius lvl 37 – Dusknoir Gengar lvl 38 lvl 40
After this we go to the Guardian Tower
appears set and going inward
First floor 2 Soldiers steam equipment
Second floor 2 Soldiers steam equipment

Third floor  3 soldiers steam equipment Fourth floor 2 soldiers equipment steam + sheila Drifblim lvl 39 Fifth floor Lance +  Kaitlyn Bronzog lvl 40 lvl umbreon 42 Drapion lvl 42 Quarrel between Lugia and Ho-oh, get Arceus and separates We leave down cross the bridge . and arrived at dardusk woods Dardusk woods went down we find Solana:  Grotle Miltank lvl 39 lvl 40 lvl Manetric 39. on the bridge we met Red and his bagon. we get the right side of bagon we speak and return toNetwork:  Bagon lvl 40 lvl Lucario 40 enermy town In the first house on the left we deliver a Riolu At bottom right we give you the MO Force  Left on maferny lake , a mysterious coach will give us the MO magma surf on the right Mt Shuen . at the entrance Gold Magmortar lvl 40 Lairon lvl 42 lvl Typhlosion 43 we the way, magma surf and find us Zero , talks and walks. We are moving ahead and we are a Diamond : Pupitar Electivire lvl 41 lvl 42 lvl 43. Samurott We crossed the desert and found to Prof. Jazmin with one of 3 tablets, tells us that if we find missing is the carry. We madeour way and arrived at Groment City. Groment City first thing we do is go to the gym, you get a worker and tell us that this works gives us a ticket to the museum. Museum In awaits us steam Team. After defeating 3 soldiers the right is Sheila and Shirley. Sheila: Drifblim lvl 42 lvl 42 BraviaryShirley: Umbreon Espeon lvl 42 lvl 42 steam team retires with orbs We’re left to the mines. Here are a few fights but also give us many fossils. Speak with all people so that the daran. Then I willmake a video of how desfozilizar, because in the Spanish version is bugeada. After reaching the end of the mine we will find Atlas after exploit some rocks go to the gym. • Atlas Gym Leader rock type: Camerupt lvl 43 lvl Excadrill 44 Krookodile lvl 45 Rampardos lvl 45 lvl Claydol 43 We’re going Top right to Mt Zhery . After a few fights we found that Steven and police surrounding Terra. After defeating it take her prey and give us a gift of Prof. Jazmin the MO SURF , we left the Mt Zhery, we surf and we face the new route. We’ll meet network behind three trees, will use cutting and challenges us. Red Pokemons: Shelgon lvl 42 Scyther lvl 42 lvl Lucario 43 Being coming to Serenity City we find Lunick Lunick Pokemons: Infernape lvl 43 Luxray lvl 43 lvl Gabite 42Serenity City barely go see the steam team escapes from the police. we entered the hotel this straight barely walked in the second silver a guy gives us the MO flight. luegos headed to the power plant located top left . We beat some two coaches and talk to the leader of the gym. Then retire to the gym. In the gym we have to press levers and defeat all the coaches before reaching rayner. • Rayner Gym Leader Electric Type : Ampharos lvl 46 Manetric lvl 46 Zebstrika lvl 47 Luxray lvl 47 Electivire lvl 48 Departing to the left and we went to Mt Icestorm. We use surf and continue along the route. Mt Icestorm After a few bouts reach the place where the steam equipment retrodecemos cut our way a bit and going up the stairs. Here we defeat 3 soldiers and we will find Cinthya. After defeating a few more soldiers we arrived at the top and see Kratos with reshiram and zekrom. A Fight. Kratos Pokemons: Houndoom lvl 51 Salamence lvl 52 Flygon lvl 51 Umbreon lvl 51 After defeating the legendary pokemons start fighting each other again and again Arceus involved. Now we go through where we cut step and we will find Gold. Gold Pokemons:  Magmortar lvl 49 Aggron lvl 49 lvl Typhlosion 51 on leaving the cave, go forward along the path teniendos few fights and we find Diamond: Tyranitar lvl 49 Electivire lvl 50 walked a bit more and got to snowce city snowce city Al if we get the pokemon center Solana tell us that the leader went to mt Icestorm -.- Aca should we make flight and go to city and from there serenity to mt Icestorm because the leader is just walk to the left we spoke with her and it will go moving. At the exit will be back and we return to talk and now this, we can already use flight to go to snowce city. At the entrance to thegym will be Red: Salamence lvl 50 lvl Lucario 51 • Gym Leader Sophia ice type: Piloswine lvl 51 Lapras Walrein lvl 52 lvl 53 lvl 52 Abomasnow lvl 54 Froslass the green roof house behind the store is Prof. Serbal and give us a pokemon, you can choose between Turtwig Chimchar Piplup or. we leave the path up behind the fitness center. and find a Solana at the door of your home and we will have our last battle with her. After defeating entered his house and give us the MO Diving. We continue along the route, we left the snow and we will find Kaori. Now we use surf and go to the lair of steam equipment. All right down, and we use the uniform. In the first place there are many soldiers but not quarrel with none going to the door on the left and then down and find a master ball.. On the right door many battles After all the fighting we will reach Shirley:  Absol lvl 50 and Sheila:Drifblim lvl 50. After defeating percy and kratos are escaping. On the left is the last table that needed the Prof Jazmin, and below is a master ball bugeada if recojemos and leave and re-enter will be back, so there is no masterball endless. Drakebreath City We leave and go surfing toDrakebreath city , we go to the pokemon center and to use back here again and we will see toProf. Jazmin. And it gives us information about the origin of the world pokemon. After that we return to Drakebreath city and go to the cave that is below the gym MT Drake. We enfretaremos toPercy:  Tyranitar lvl 58 Garchomp lvl 59 follwed ahead and I will not do spoiler so follow the story.Fight with Zero : Salamence lvl 59 Garchomp lvl 60 Hydrigon lvl 61 at the end return to the city in the house but left us give you a Axew . This Super market if you are interested. • Gym Leader Wesley type dragon: Kingdra lvl 58 Garchomp lvl 61 Flygon lvl 60 Haxorus lvl 63 Dragonite 64 Al defeat we go to the supermarket market which will be Red and give us the MO Waterfall. After that we flew to snowce city and out the route and go to the house solana where inside will be Lunick and we must defeat him if or when to go to the pokemon league. Lunick Pokemons: Infernape Garchomp lvl 60 lvl 61 . Al defeat him continue down the path, we surf and waterfall and enter the cave the cave is very short there is little fighting. Upon leaving we will challenge Gold. Gold Pokemons: Typhlosion lvl 64 lvl 64 Aggron We enter the path and then dive surfing. We are on the side of the left and leave in the place where we found the second sailboat or whatever XD. On reaching the league we face Red: Charizard lvl 64 lvl Lucario 65 At the door of the entrance to the fighting are Ash and Diamond. Diamond Pokemons: Samurott Metagross lvl64 lvl 65